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From yesterday we switched from WhatsApp to iMessages, not sure why we didn’t do that before as we both used iPhones, but somehow with Apple’s native communicator the message exchange was more rightful for me.

After the fight we got around and went to cinema to watch Will Smith in “Gemini Men”. I saw in the past the movie industry make actors to pretend to be older in some scenes, but here they went the other way, making Will younger. Incredible effect and great job. Later I seen the same good job of making Al Pacino, DeNiro and Joe Pesci younger in the latest movie of Martin Scorsese’s “Irishman”. I hope they could do the same to me, to match much younger Cherie.

From Psycho’s letters:

“I really do not know what is in your mind…..

The only thing I know is that he has put you in a sort of jail in order to keep you with him. Helping you with the divorce bla bla…. Everything is made to keep you under him. And the problem is that you have a feeling for him.

You have a feeling for him Cherie, FUCK! I know you… you will never have the power to run away from him. As you have ever told me, every time is the man who do not chooses you over all….

And both of us know that he will always fight to have you, because you are more beautiful than him, he is old and you still young… com’on he will do his best to keep you in jail….

An you don’t have enough power to escape. I’m the only one who can help you to escape from the jail he created for you. But you do not accept my help to escape because you have a feeling for him. Cherie, whatever he is doing for you, can be done by me. But you still prefer him.

I saw the picture of you and him in the swimming pool…. FUCK, where is the match?? Com’on Cherie, you are lying to yourself.

I’m so sad tonight, I cannot sleep, my heart is running, same like you said to MJ, I’m going to get drunk.. I know it is not a good thing, but I cannot sleep.

She had another photo shutting around the city. The pictures were really great. She started to talk more about the upcoming pageant contest. I saw the advert and the prices were great. Knowing she is beauty she could win, but all the flashing around was not really my thing. I rather keep her beauty to myself and get her to focus on our relation than on contesting. She was very much into this and changing her mind would be impossible so I had to live with that idea.

Day by the went and basically the story would stop here, as with regular couple we had good days, mellow days and some occasional disagreements. Nothing unusual for a two people knowing each other for 2 months. So, in awaiting our first Christmas coming soon and her contest we looked forward for some good life. We talked much, did not exchange much of iMessages. Time was good. But as in bad times of war and the intelligence of diplomacy she kept back channels open. Shark was just around the corner pushing and waiting. Me completely unaware of it.