She was silent all Friday. I had time to rethink it, I started to be fed up with her and her immature approach to this relation with her immature boyfriend around. At that point of our relation the bonding from my side wasn’t that strong yet, so I believed I could just let her go. Just before 5pm I dropped her a message saying Goodbye. She replied pretty quick initially defending herself, but then she said that Giuseppe went mad last night trying to find me in the city, traveling to the places we were with Cherie together. She also said that he became verbally abusive and once again manipulated her to feel the guilt of him traveling back with his lame leg. She also realized that while he was in Italy, he got some hint that Cherie started to date somebody, by sensing changes in her and by observing her Facebook page. After one hour or so, she finished the conversation saying “I want to see you next and be with you. I’m really sad…”.

After that she went silent for few hours and came back online after 10pm again. She once again talked about the guilt and being scary about being dumped again after he heals up. She somehow started to see the things in Giuseppe, I tried to explain to her during last few days. She started to sense that not all is right with that relation and that not all Giuseppe is saying, he aims to do.


All this made me more confused. Somehow, she indicated that she wants to walk away from him, but similarly to the steps she took two days ago by trying to return the ring she was not able to quit that relation. Same today, she wanted to walk, but couldn’t. Some kind of magnet kept her there. I tried so badly to get things to work, but she kept saying “Give me a week to clear my mind”. At the end of that night I gave up and just let her be with herself. My feelings where very mixed. All from love to resignation. Maybe I needed a break as well afterwards?