Just before I boarded the plane i got a text message from her at 6.30AM. She said that she lost the phone at the venue and she couldn’t find it. I asked why she couldn’t use the other phone, but she said she run out of credit as it was a prepaid one. I was confused, so I called her on the video call and she accepted it, probably incidentally. For a brief moment I could see her in the car on the passenger seat, but she disconnected herself. I was astonished. What did she do in somebodies car at 6AM? where is she going. I had the impression, Giuseppe is back and she is in his claws. She said she is on the way to another event, as she gonna be a muse for a basket ball team tournament starting this morning. I never heard about that event before and her attendance. I knew that the following day, when I get back to Sin City she will have an event related to Body Painting which she is going to attend. But muse for basket ball, this early morning? Never heard about it.

I flown my first sector of the journey and landed in transit to change the plane. Had few hours for rethinking. We had a video call and she started to talk. Obviously she lost her phone as some other participants. It looked as somebody accessed the locker room and stole the phones. She also confirmed that she run out of the credit on the prepaid and recharged it just this morning. All fine, but what about the another early event and the car? As i told you earlier I can sense Cherie’s small changes and I was right this time again. Giuseppe came around, after two weeks of silence and well being, he approached again. She told me hi attended the pageant event last night and started to talk to her, as she put it, he started to poison her brain again. She said that she went home to her place that night and she slept alone, as he dropped her home, but somehow she was in his car at 6.30AM. She tried to say that he dropped her after event and now he pocked up her again. I didn’t believe that, after all I was not able to know if the car headed from her or his apartment.

She added that actually a day or two earlier, when she went to her gay friends party, Giuseppe was invited there secretly without her consent. The gay was obviously trying to get Cherie and Giuseppe into conversation that night and Giuseppe was behind that idea. It seems, it worked, as the eventually met and talked. She said that she was pissed off by his attendance, but somehow she got involved in the conversation and later Giuseppe showed up at the pageant contest and the second event. She said she is still committed, but I was not sure. She admitted that since I left, she was not staying a single night in my hotel. That added to my doubts. I was scared and disappointed. Not first neither last time. I wrote some notes on the plane that day and landed safely.

After landing, I went to the hotel. Her belongings were still there, so she didn’t left, but it felt empty. I took shower, changed clothes and with my friend Peter and his girlfriend we went for the body painting event nearby to face Giuseppe, as he supposed to be there as well. I knew him only from the pictures, but would be more than happy to meet him that night. To my disappointment, he never showed up, coward. I found Cherie around and she was different. Not the same person from the day I left Sin City five days ago. Only five days, and see how much happened. She was into the event and we couldn’t talk freely. I send her my texts from day zero and day seventeen and she had tears in her eyes while reading it. I even took a picture of her at that time. I met few of her friends and we had some brief chat. As time got late and the event was finishing, we went back to hotel and went sleep, together in one bee, but far apart.