I was traveling for a short trip this morning and should be back in the evening. In the afternoon she dropped me a message “Tonight is the introduction of the glamour girls –  Its conflict now” Obviously she couldn’t pick me up from airport. She needed to be there. On the other hand she could pick me up and we could go together to the venue. Time was still there and she would make it. Later she sent few message and said “Event will start soon.. i will not be able to send you msg now”. She came home around 2:30am, me already asleep. Not unusual time for the contest to end. The following morning we looked at the pictures. Despite to heavy make-up she looked great. She said that the introduction went well and they will go to contest on coming Friday. She needed to fix some additional outfit and she will be ready. She asked if I goanna join? I said, “Maybe”, probably meaning “No, thank you”. Anyway, as I said earlier, it was not my thing, so If I could skip it, it would be great. Maybe she would understand, I’m not big fun and maybe she would focus more on us then flashing her ass around.

I needed her help with setting up some side office, and as she knew some people, I asked her to get me in touch with some friends. She recommended some company where her friend was working and tried to setup the meeting. I still had the impression that things are cold not only from my side, but from her as well. Her mind was away. I could not reach her, and I as was travelling the contact was limited. Somehow she was absent. I’m not sure if it was my fault or she just showed off. Anyway, the bad times arrived and we have been arguing more and more. I was convinced it’s about my coldness, but she became cold as well, unfocused.

From Psycho’s letters:

Tonight I dumped everybody!

I dumped Jenny, Bella and not only them… Really I dumped everybody because I’m so painful… and sadness is killing me.

I told Jenny I want to go back Italy that’s why I’m dumping her, she told me she will come in Italy, she immediately spoke with someone in order to get her Shengen VISA… fuck she is a woman of actions, but… I don’t fucking care about anything, I took the car back and sent her to hell.

I dreamt to have a family with you, I’m ready to love your daughter exactly as she was my daughter, she WILL BE MY DAUGHTER and we will be happy.

Still unaware for another month or so, she was progressing the plan and getting Giuseppe into it. Seems that days of November when she secretly reunited with him were fruitful as he started to change his mind about the idea of family with Cherie. Few weeks later when I met Giuseppe, and asked why he poisoned her head with the idea of family and travelling with her back home, he was truly surprised, saying “It was her idea”. I didn’t believe it… Not by that time, no.