Last two days we talked over what happened. Giuseppe knew her weak points. Her urge to get back her family, reunite with daughter and settle down. He knew she needed a job and he knew she needed financial stability. He played her well, promising all this in order to get her, to take her from me. He followed her footsteps, knowing she will be attracted to those events around. As soon he knew from his friends around, that I’m around he was hiding not willing to confront. He tried to be smart and he was smart and very persistent. She tried to get rid of the poison in her mind, but at this point she was unable. She thought she was, but she wasn’t. By that time I didn’t know anything about it.

“I could have choose you Giuseppe, you are rich, you have money, you own a company. You are young, handsome and sexy. You have everything a woman could ask for. You could have provide everything I need, money, things, you even offer a phone and could offer me more…..You are always way better than Mr Grey, there is no competition. He is nothing compared to you. But I chose him because i found in him the qualities of a MAN That I want to be with, to spend the rest of my life. Again, this is not all about Money after all. If I chose MONEY over LOVE, Then I should be with you right now.

She was convincing me about her commitment and send love messages and I believed her. We, once again started to rebuild the relation and started to get trust in each other. At that point I don’t know how much she told him about me, but obviously at some point later he knew lot about our life and he must have known this from her.

I must admit I had to be blind then. I didn’t see the small issues. Sure I sensed the small changes and I knew that that feeling wasn’t wrong. When I asked “what bothers you” she tried to give some logical answer. After all she started to get to know me as well, knowing the issues I was sensitive at and trying not to touch them. On the other hand, she realized that I didn’t have much interest in some of her events and she knew that i give her lot of free space and freedom. She was very good to snick around this, building my confidence and avoiding traps. My feelings were very mature and compared to Giuseppe’s earlier and later behavior she should have no doubts in making correct choices. But she made the errors on daily basis.

Some time later I get to know that Giuseppe was writing emails to her almost every day, poisoning her and giving her ultimatums and promising her family. She shared all of the emails far later, but back then in end of September, I didn’t know about it.
At that particular day she, send him back a long message explaining all the situation, feeling being manipulated and she end it with words: “I love you, but I love him more.”. A brave decision, that should last forever, but I definitely not a persistent one, as live shows.