“The apple theory is no longer balance…”

At 3:31am she dropped a long message, blaming me once again for being cold. Sure, maybe I was, as this was my protest against her behavior and her mental separation from me. After all, she was the one not having time with me, running away and flattening our relation to a French pancake thickness. Knowing now what happened few days later, I stand still in my opinion that I was right and she was looking for an exit by that time. How could I be warm, when she was distant as well and cold as me. She didn’t see it. She changed, very much and her mind was split.

Disaster! How we can keep this relation back on track? Seriously? i dont know.

You were so cold with me every single day every day. I dont know how to reach out with you anymore because somehow you are not responding back to my hugs and kisses, and i love you’s…..You are So cold, very cold. ?‍♀️ since the day you were pissed off with me, you become distant.. we became disconnected. Love making happens one time only since you came back.

Okay, I understand that I did mistake for being so busy with my pageant, but I tried to make it up to you if possible but just you , being cold with me, I dont know how is the right approach, bcoz no matter what I do, you remain cold with me.

We were in constant misalignment, permanent disagreement which led to verbal fight. I wanted my old good Cherie back, but she was immune to my calls. I was traveling by that time, as end of year approached and the time was there to catch up in the work. She was at home looking for next pageant. She felt dormant and she stroke it few times. She didn’t want to be a house wife, but on the other hand the plan we looked into, in the early days was not even touched by her. We planned at some point that she will develop the skills in the makeup and creativity business. She had an ambitious plan to visit most of the saloons and places related to that business and try to get position as an supporting freelancer. It could be of interest especially for ad-hoc events and at special occasion when the workforce was needed. She supposed to get the business cards and work on her facebook page, maybe even get an own domain and small website. Two months past and she did nothing of this, but she was good at blaming me for all the evil. Suddenly from being supportive and taking her out from the deep shit of her live, by solving her issues, she seen me as the bad guy. The change was gradual, but constant. Each day she pushed me each day the ration faded, despite my calls. She even tried to tell me that. I’m the one not taking initiative to have a conversation. Sure, this was very convenient, and she believed in it. She even started to question the Apple Theory and stated it’s not longer balanced. I don’t know how she got to that conclusion, but at that time every scenario was possible. She was looking for excuses, but I was to pure in my naïve way of trust to give her any reason to walk away.

For sure Giuseppe was pushing her, or maybe the other way. Maybe she was creating all the pictures of her and her new family with Giuseppe. Maybe he just followed her way, or rather enjoyed the free ride, awaiting the outcome. She was still living with me, visiting him at nights and days when I was traveling. For a guy like Giuseppe, almost idealistic situation, having a nice Chica coming and going, making his dick and ago happy. Why, not? Who wouldn’t like it?