“You are the first person I informed about the accident…”

Once again I was flying that day and was scheduled to came back around 11PM. We had good talk all the morning and afternoon. She went for lunch with Thelma and then she supposed to drive back home. She did not reach it. As the day twenty was approaching afternoon, I got a message “I had accident”. At the time she sent the message I was away from the phone for some time, so when I got back to it I saw the message. I called her and I saw her in the stretcher inside the ambulance with a collar around her neck. A tremendous picture, still etched in my brain. I called Peter, as he was living close to us, to get into the place and check what happened to Cherie. After some time he came back with information that she crashed back into another car while heavy braking on the highway. She smashed into the small truck in front of her causing damages to her self and her car only. The two other gentleman in the car in front were not injured nor was the car, as she hit the rear frame of the truck. Peter went to hospital and talked to her. She was fine, not injured, but with lot of pain and difficult to move. I asked Peter to pick me up from the airport.

We both had the feeling that Giuseppe will use this occasion to approach her and try to be nice once again? We were both right. He popped out of the blue and tried to talk to him. Some of the Cherie’s friend told him to walk away as they knew I will arrive and at that point Cherie was with me. They didn’t want to have arguing or fight in the hospital at that time. He listened and he left. Cherie admitted that she called him first directly after accident. She did not call me, nor Peter nor anybody else, but Giuseppe. Even when asked by police officer for a good man, who can confirm her identity and support her, she gave them Giuseppe’s name. Not sure it had to do with the shock post accident or the feelings and always thinking if him in first place.

The following day should be a big great day, as we finally were going to move from the hotel to new apartment. Unfortunately the accident would influence that, but sure her wellbeing was the priority, and any plans could be postponed.

I arrived to hospital shortly past 11PM. Found Cherie on the bed with collar on and the drip connected into her vain. She was tired and in pain, but otherwise fine. We had some brief talk about the accident and I tried to hold to her as much I could. She was afraid of the consequences and the legal issues, but a police officer, who visited, said as there were no injuries to another people, she would not be charged. As night passed, she was released from hospital around 3AM and we went back to hotel to spend there the last night.

“You are the first person I informed about the accident… I really wanted you to rescue me from that moment and be with me in my worst time, but I realize He will not be happy if He will know about it. So then I informed his assistant, Despite of not telling you where I am, you still manage to find me… That tears in me, was tears of happiness because you showed up in hospital. But i couldn’t let you stay for long because his assistant was there.”

The following day I grabbed all our belongings and we moved into apartment nearby. She was staying in bad and I took care of the groceries and a like. We nedee to yhe some bigger shopping, but at that time she was not able to het up from bed, so we postponed shopping until she would be fine.

Some time later I got to know that Giuseppe arrived there, mainly cause she was on the call with him just when the accident occurred. She got distracted while driving and talking ro Giuseppe. And that’s how the accident happened. With all the events from few days back at pageant contest she still was in back channels communication with Giuseppe. I was not aware of that at that point. Just few months later she shared all the emails which makes the story more complete and justified. With this tragic event today we moved into October. Another month of challenges.