As Day Zero continued, we got into connected state again. Cherie was scared with demons around. She took some drinks and relaxed. We did not make love that night. Further I had to leave early to catch my plane out of city. I asked my friend to look into her time to time and I know she had some additional glass of vodka with him. I asked her not to leave the room during the day and try to go through all the mishap. She gave me her phone in order to deal with Giuseppe when he wakes up following morning. She was not able to face his coming replies. She was so fragile that night, so tired, but a happiness on her face showed a bit later. During my travel that day, I was in touch with her on the other number and she really needed emotional support and lot of conversation to heal from the past. We had a good day.

As I now was in possession with her phone, in a way of “no more secrets” I started to talk to Giuseppe as Cherie would never do. He came with some replies in the morning with lot of “WTF” and similar disbelief messages. From love, “please”, begging to threats, hate and rejection. In between the conversation I was reading the history of that “relation” with him. I was surprised how immature he could be, with his stupid messages. Unfortunately, at some late point Cherie removed all the WhatsApp conversation with, him so I’m not able to quote it exactly nor post screenshots. In my eyes he was just a miserable asshole, not able to behave and handle that kind of woman Cherie has been. In one of topics, regarding her financial situation, when she asked for support with the loan, he said “Maybe I can sell one of my sport cars to repay your loan”. A man of culture as he used to talk about himself, he wrote to her: “I’m good body, good money, good nationality and man of culture”. Really pathetic.

I don’t know what she seen in him then and later, maybe his oratory skills, maybe his dick, maybe just the Italian way of seducing woman with empty promises. She felt into this trap so many times, prior Day Zero as well as later. I tried to explain to Giuseppe her motivation behind her decisions, still he was convinced she talked to Cherie all the time. Through all that day and following two or three days he came with different options from begging, promising, bribing, crying and putting guilt on her. I saved her from reading all this. I handled it pretty well and I had lot of fun, seeing that little boy in his short pants trying to get into her. In my cruel way of revenge, I was systematically and methodically trample and roll him down to the soil, pushing his ego back to the small rathole he came from. As a pest deserves.

I came back in the evening and she felt better. A humble person, kind of withdrawn, but full of hope. I needed to give her all the support and this was my goal. We spend all the evening talking once again about what happened and how to prevent from happening again. She needed lot of positive energy and lot of patience. I was ready and I was able to walk after her into the fire.