Still nice weather around, not to windy, but evenings started to be cold. Same in our relation. Fight after fight and no prediction for better. After another argument I started to see the exit path Cherie created. Maybe I had time to review all of this, maybe I waken up and started to see things. She was talking about changing the dates of travel back home, but somehow the ticket couldn’t be altered due to flight tariff. So despite her request to fly earlier and came back later, I couldn’t do much.

My considerations started to rise up, by reading the history of our text exchange and analyzing her behavior. All begun to show a clear picture of Cherie wanting to walk out from the relation. I have seen clearly, that since some time she started to create obstacles, had lot of vague arguments towards me, like being cold, not hugging her, not talking to her, not being supportive. All the small issues she spinned up and she tried to feed me back with it, but magnified to extensive level. There were those arguments, but none of them actually made me the bad guy, I was faithful, I worked her issues, I supported her living and tried to create a family and harmony under one roof. All in vain, as she actually was looking for an exit. She admitted it some time later, but at that point my intuition started to build the picture.

I told her “Cherie, I feel being used”. She got mad. Really mad. Not sure, if for the reason I detected the truth or she was mad cause she didn’t fill to be using me. I gently explained her, how do I see the facts and how all builds a picture of her trying to exit the relation for unknown reason. Remember, still not aware of Giuseppe being around. She said, that saying, that she is using me is a big word and she under no circumstances wanted to use me. I said, that somehow after I paid her loan, she started to lose interest with me. Straight after that weekend, when I allegedly became cold and pissed of her she begun to be cold as well. She started to show more interest for the contest, then me. She said, it’s not true and she would never, ever use me as this is not part of her culture and she still loves me and she would not be able to take advantage over me. I wasn’t sure, but the feeling was there and facts talked for themselves. Vast part of November she was cooling our relation and I have seen her to be unhappy or rather eager to change her life, meaning exiting the present one.

She was chewing on it, she was. She shaked her head and few times, how could I accuse her of taking advantage of me. I had doubt’s, but what’s said it said. You cannot unsay it. Later that afternoon we went to see an office we were looking for to move in from January. The place was nice and I took a picture of Cherie seating at the windows facing the bay. A lone girl at the windows. I sent her the picture.