I arrived to the sushi place just short of 1pm, the time we scheduled. She got there just few minutes later. Looking even greater then two days before. We ordered the food and started to talk. She told me about her story, being in another country for fee years and moving here to the city in February. She explained her relation with ex boyfriend, whom she was dating for a year on a commuting bases just cross the border. Somehow the relation failed, as when she arrived here, after being back home to Asia for few weeks. She said, she found the guy already with another girlfriend by that time. I could feel she was not in the best shape, but somehow after few months after he dumped her, she should be at least fine. At that time no danger spotted.

During our conversation I explained her my Apple Theory, my simple way of personal balance, a modified, accommodated version of the great Four Burners Theory. I used some small plate and toothpicks to explain the relations between the four life values, adding, shrinking, taking out of equation few of them. She was looking at this shuffling like kid at the candy store front window. I believe she like it. Indeed, few months later she admitted, that she was grabbed by this theory, and that moment was a starting point for her to get interest in me. She talked much, but at the time of explaining the theory, she was quiet. I summarized the meeting by removing the few friends she has and the job she didn’t like to leave just two burners, herself and me, commenting it by the words “You don’t have so many friends here, so we take them out, somehow you don’t like the job, so as you can see it gonna be only you and me here”. She was laughing.

After the sushi, she proposed a visit to a Starbucks at beautiful location at the sea. She used to go by herself. We ordered some coffee in the porcelain cups and started to talks how we fit. We looked at some serious horoscopes, just to trying find connections.

Somehow the horoscope was not favorable to us. Not much connected us. Not much to grab on. Anyway it’s just a stupid horoscope, isn’t it? Once again, lot of laugh, lot of compassion. Just to summarize, “great relation, sex and communication 100%, trust 0%, sic!”

Few months later, it proves, the trust issue is there as an demon surrounding the relationship. We went home early that day, but talked once again on the phone at the evening.

Cancer and Sagittarius – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life