The bank manager called me and we finally made a deal. Still he was barging, I said several time – no. Eventually he agreed to the amount I agreed with his Indian lady. She was to send the agreement and upon that I supposed to wire the money. At least that was clear.

After the Halloween and the registration she started to became colder. I don’t know if it was due my coldness towards her and as revenge she wanted to show the same attitude, but things started to be different. We had small disagreements here and there and she became tense. I’m very good at noticing it, but at that time, in my believe she is committed, I was lured that things are ok and the tension is due to my work issues, less support and her upcoming competition. On the other hand she was pointing out me being cold and missing my hugs and running in bed to the other side, instead of sleeping close to her. Somehow I felt more comfortable sleeping separated from her, as it was either to hot or to uncomfortable for me to be close to her all the time we were sleeping. She had that need, me not. That added to the misunderstandings.

I was happy with you Giuseppe, A bit of stress from the situation of the apartment we are staying with, but as long as Im with you I can stay and waited till you recover and move to our new apartment.

But when you told me “I cant stay with a woman like you, a bitch” my world collapsed when you told me that. I was devastated, because of all the people I trusted to help me was YOU but you dumped me. And That’s really sad, because I love you and I want a life with you. Everything has changed since I heard those words from you.

I am being honest with you about my financial issues, and I didn’t want you to think that I am staying with you because of your money. That’s the reason why I ran to Mr.Grey and ask for his help.

Giuseppe was around the corner at that time. Still in email exchange the plan started to go in motion. As long she resisted him all October, she now started to be involved in a cold blood calculated plan. Until that registration day, all was ok, despite some issues time to time, but as she later admitted, Giuseppe was there, when she registered. Further in his sociopathic way he was one of the fundraisers and organizers of that pageant event. Basically, he created a honey pot, and he knew she will walk into the trap. He knew she is much into those things and it was a very good way to get closer to her. He could not accept her rejection of him and defending the relation with me. As much she defended us, he was pushing more. So he created the contest and she has been forced to meet him. In his sick mind he achieved what he wanted and she started to flow with that idea of creating family together with Giuseppe.