We went to the pool on the roof of the apartment building. Weather was still nice and water in jacuzzi hot as always. I was into my iPad and she was chilling out. Each of us occupied with own thoughts and own agenda. Me reading the emails, she with her head up in the clouds, probably thinking about another outfit for the coming week or maybe about Giuseppe, God knows. We have been like two individuals joining one space. The conversation was not existents and the feelings obsolete.

Later that afternoon we got to know that a body of young pregnant Thai girl was found just near by our place. Obviously she was resting in a dumpster for few days, but the newspaper described her as prostitute, which we got confirmed later by a Thai girlfriend of our friend. She said, that probably she was killed, caused she became pregnant with some customer and the that would not be the good news for his wife. I didn’t follow up the case, as a news is just a news and later you seldom get to know what really happened. Anyway, welcome to SinCity – things like that happen, but seldom get clarified.

Next day I was away and I know that she is going for rehearsals that evening. So, nobody to pick me up from the airport that night. A pretty sad experience, as some priorities are taking over. She is now fully with her head into pageant and me been sliding down the scale of her priorities. Once again, she came back late, not sure if directly after the rehearsals or from Giuseppe’s bad. I still was totally unaware of Giuseppe’s presence and still blame all what happened only on our temporary crisis.

Cherie was sad as well, at least she showed it that way, saying I was not supportive and didn’t want to join her contesting events. We already talked about it earlier, but each time as she touched the subject I became more immune and I started to hate the idea of her pageant contest. I’m like that. As more people try to convince me to an idea, the less I like it and the harder I’m to convince. I’m kind of a guy that needs to get a hint and then work out an own viewpoint and if I wasn’t to enjoy something I will do it my own way and in my own tempo. So, the approach she took, did not work with me, if she was more like humble and softly pushed into it, I would kick in, but not by throwing up, lack of support all the time.

November ended today and we approached new month. The month of huge changes to occur in just few days. A remembered December 2019.