“You deserve to know the truth anyway.”

Cherie recovered in a great way. Already after few days she started to walk without collar and tried to exercise the mussels around her neck. She didn’t want to spend time in bed, she needed to move around. At one afternoon we went to IKEA to grab some stuff, furniture and equipment for our new apartment. We spend pretty lot of money and finished the shopping with a fine dining of famous kötbullar or rather Swedish meatballs. We squeezed all in the car and bound for home. For sure we forgot to buy some stuff, as for next month or so we visited IKEA another few times.

During those days Cherie was worried, her period id not arrive as planned. She was already few days due and she started to research for the symptoms of pregnancy. We were discussing the issue as to who is going to be the father of the child if she indeed is pregnant. Is it me or Giuseppe. What would she do if she was pregnant. Would she walk back to Giuseppe if he was the father or stay with me independently of the fact. Not sure what was in her mind during those days.

“We had a discussion last night. FYI. I still don’t have my period, and we are both worried, somehow he is aware that if I am pregnant, 100% sure not from him as he never cum inside me except last week.

I was with you from August 29 – September 9, 2019.
I should have my period on 29-30 September, and its 3-4 days delayed now…I will make a test and will update you. You deserve to know the truth anyway.
Regardless, pregnant or Not. Mr Grey assures me that he will take care of me and the pregnancy if ever.“

She took the pregnancy test early in the morning and while I still was asleep. When I woke up the pregnancy tester was close to my pillow and she in very serious way said “you gonna be a daddy”. WTF, this was unexpected. Seriously did I fuck it up, the only time I blow my cum inside her some nights ago? I tried to be cautious. Well, now I have to take the consequences. How do I gonna handle all this, being over 50 and with new baby. Not easy task. Cherie has seen the consternation on my face and the brain processing behind and she outburst in a big beautiful lough. She was playing me, she got me! She showed me the “instrument” and said it scored negative. Ufffff, a kind of relief, but still no sight of period and she said she feel the boobs to be harder and release some kind of greenish liquid. She was worried.

As I know, she also informed Giuseppe about the fact and as far I know he took it very light telling her that he had fun last night with another girl, Cherie knew. In his email to her he was showing up how good he is and how the people around appreciate him. Still in his immaturity, he tries to build a guilt in Cherie and make her to be jealous for that new girl of his.