On the 10th day of our relations reborn, we woke up in the morning and as previous days we started to talk before breakfast. I had a still one secret left to talk about, although for me situation was very clear, time showed that this piece of information will have huge influence on our relation in the coming months. That day we were very happy, relation was blooming and I could really feel Cherie is engaged and we were connected. A really good morning.

So, I believed that after those days spend in harmony I need to get out of my mind something that was bothering me for some time now. So, I told her the story of Banana. Banana was my girlfriend back home, or rather say, a fading relation, or even no relation. I was with her for some three years and as she was also foreigner I helped her to get to my country, put her for studies at the University and moved with her into my house. The relation was good at the beginning, but after some time we were living parallel to each other with decaying sex relation and in general different view over the world. I had impression that sometimes I have to take care of another child, as she was not self sustained and needed lot of attention. At the time I met Cherie, I didn’t feel love with Banana, and moving to Sin City made me even happy to help the relation to dissolve. However when Banana was still into the relation, I was not. Meeting Cherie speeded up the process, but not in a hasty way.

That day I made a crucial mistake to tell Cherie about Banana. My intention was somehow to protect Cherie from gossip or from knowing about Banana accidentally from third party friends. I thought that she will appreciate the true and my honest way of telling her about Banana. I wanted to clean my conscious, and continue further. I expected her to understand this and continue as well.

Already this morning I realized that she didn’t swallow that piece of information, and like a bone it stuck in her throat. She became different. She even tried to call the lady boss, who offered her the job to tell her about changing her mind, willing to take the job. She started to do some irrational moves and as time shows that led to further disasters. Banana was like etched in her brain, and from the perspective I could just keep quiet about Banana and on my own dissolve the relation with her. Telling Cherie the true was a fatal mistake.