“Aren’t you too old for this?”

The following days ware pretty mellow, we were still trying to get to know each other closer and respond to our needs. We started to discover our commonalities and differences. As in life like in the bed. Tried to explore our limits and pleasure each other. The time was pretty great, although Banana was there around in Cherie’s mind. One day we went for a walk and were seating around the water on a stone and once again she wanted to know how I feel about Banana and how I aim to handle it. I was soon going back home and for sure i gonna meet her and stay in my house where Banana also stayed. For me the picture was very clear as the intentions. I wanted to cool down the relation and gradually phase Banana out of my life. In my own way. The problem was that Cherie wanted to rush things, she wanted me to be more firm and get her away from the picture. I knew that this would be devastating for Banana as she was much dependent of me and with only small job back home. I wanted to focus on her to get a new job and maybe consider to move out. On the other hand she stayed in the house and somehow she kept an eye on it, especially before coming winter it was a good idea to have a inhabitant in the house. So my plan was very simple and least harsh to Banana. I knew she still had feelings, but not sure how strong. Somebody of my fellow friends told me that they saw Banana with some guy at some outdoor party in my hometown. I wouldn’t expect Banana to cheat, but after being alone for some time it was possible she was looking for some friendship or new relation. Anyway, I named all this to Cherie, as I wanted to be very fair with her and the mini plan i had for Banana. She was confused, but i had impression she understood.

Around next day, she showed me a poster of the soon starting pageant contest she wanted to attend. As she is much into make up, fashion and lifestyle in general, it would be good idea to attend. I was little bit confused, as she was pretty “old” for that, but obviously this contest was directed more for older ladies than teenagers. After all, why not lets her try. She spend few days on the preparations and some organizer meetings and casting. She was qualified and then she went for some photo shutting session, which showed her in different lights, looking really great.

The lady boss called her and offered a better salary from the original offer. Cherie sent me a text saying that she wants to take the job after reconsideration and I shall be proud of her. I understood that it had to do with Banana and Cherie’s self confidence and independence. After all she didn’t want to be housewife and have an occupation. Somehow taking the job would make our relationship more difficult, as we would have less time for each other due to her duties and my irregular work time.

After few days of relative calm period and preparations for the contest, I was to head back to my hometown for a few days. I believe I left her with a good mood and involved with the pageant setup. My flight departed early morning and I arrived mid day. This was our first separation since day zero.