The hell broke just before midnight, when I got back from my trip. She wasn’t waiting at the airport, but she said earlier I will find her home. All day was moody and it started already bad. We got into discussion about present situation. Why she felt being housewife and me not being supportive. Obviously this was the day, when everything gonna end, where she already find her future without me. Still away from her, still during my trip I could sense it. All the days that past since we met in August were lost, she will walk away, I know it and there is no return.

Even today, writing about the events of that December day is heavy. I still see it all, all the fight, all the good time and the errors and mistakes. The story ends here and the only thing I can hope is to absorb it. I did lose few women, being dumped before, but this one is heavy. When we had the good days, the relation and harmony was perfect, even when she was hesitating. Even when she was absorbed by Bananas closeness. Still looking for answers, “Why” I couldn’t find the real reason for her to leave me. All was too blurry and unclear in terms of her exile.

In the conversation she didn’t even hide the willingness to walk away. There was no more “honey” or “I love you”. It was the final phase of the path ending in the termination, kind of execution of my feelings to Cherie. In a very cool, calculated and calm way she was preparing me to face this exit of her, later tonight. The only thing I was praying for was a help of God to save it, to reverse her mindset and to restore her back into the relation. I was scared. I spend last 4 months fighting for her, accepting the cheating with Giuseppe, back in September. I shown her the patience and understanding. I spend time explaining the things and I always shown her the goodness in the life. Never abused her, never raised my voice at her, never dumped her. Days and days of fight and we are at the end.

I landed back short of 11pm and went straight home. Grabbed a bottle of wine from the duty free and drove home. Everything looked fine. I found her on the bed waiting for me. I grabbed two glasses and we had a sip of wine. I started to talk, asking what is really wrong. She was silent and I wanted her to reconsider all this and get back into the relation. I could do anything at that moment, just to get her back, just to get back the old happy and beautiful Cherie. She then started to talk, that she is sorry and that she feels not good anymore in this relation. She explained that I’m being cold and that we departed from each other and that she doesn’t feel love and she chooses… Giuseppe over me. This was a cold shower. Of all the people Giuseppe? How in earth did he come into the picture. After weeks of his absence, he is back? How?

I didn’t want to hear the story. His name rang the bell, it was like a huge church bell. It means that she was around him, or he around her for the last good time we had. All pieces felled in place. The departure plan and the cooling down of the relation was caused by Giuseppe’s pressure on her. He was the one who poisoned her, and he was the evil. The bad guy taking my love, my Cherie from my arms. This was too much for me. She was once again cheating on me and she betrayed me for the last time. Whatever It costs, I was done with her. How much I need to sorrow, I will. In a very calm way, I went to the closet, grabbed a bag and went with it to the bathroom and started to pack her things. One item by one, I packed her cosmetics, her clothes, her other belongings, all the way until last item. No trace could be left of her. All has to go; no single memory may stay in the house. It took me 40 minutes, only 40 minutes to remove 4 months of common life and 4 months of memories. I wanted her out of the apartment, now. She was grabbing the bags and moved them to elevator. I went down with her and packed most of it into the car. Asked her to came back for the rest whenever she wants.

I also asked the guy from security to cancel her key card and not allow her into the building. She went away, and I didn’t even look back, like I did at the day of my first mistake. I called Peter and told him briefly what happened, He arrived around 1am and we grabbed a bottle of vodka. House was empty, except few of her bags waiting for her to be picked up some other day. Terrible empty. When I went to the bathroom, I’ve seen only my items. The space occupied by her belongings was gone. It was a devastating picture, etched in my mind until today.

The security called some time later, that Cherie arrived and wanted to go up. I talked to her and she said she wanted take rest of the belongings today and leave the car and walk away for good. She came up, looking very sad, but irresistible and firm in her decision. She took all the remaining bags and said “I’m sorry”, I replied “No, you are not”. I helped her down the elevator and then to lobby. Giuseppe was waiting there in the car, not even helping her to bring the bags from the lobby to the car. I saw her there for the last time and I went back to the elevator for my journey up. December 6th has started and I gave Giuseppe a great gift just on the Santa Clause day. I delivered him my lovely Cherie right into his doorstep. I stopped to fight, I gave up. It proved to be my last mistake.