The following days were pretty mellow, time went quick and each of us was involved in some duties. We found time to go for a dinner with bunch of friends. A guy posing to clown was making funny “sculptures” from the rubber tubes looking like colorful sausages. We got one in the shape of big red heart and somebody took a memorable picture of us two with the heads in this heart.

Following day Cherie went for some photo session at the pool for the incoming pageant contest that would run again soon. She was really into it, trying to show her off and build self-confidence by attending. After all, being judged by others was not easy. At that time at the pool we also had some private session with yet another memorable photo. As we talked some time earlier I tried to convince her to read books as she was not much into reading, so we went to some bookstore in the mall and she picked up a book by Cathy Kelly. I hope she will start to read it and enjoy.

From Psycho’s letters:

Yesterday everybody told me: you look really amazing today, you look fresh, lighter….

Yes I had really good time this weekend.

I had really a lot of fun with Jeen, she is so cute and she made me really really horny yesterday.

I was so hard and she so hot… so what happened is that, she “invited” me to do not stop, don’t stop don’t stop Giuseppe… I came inside her and now everything is gonna change.

She let me understand she would be glad to get married with me. And this is going to make the difference.

Myself I was raised with books around. As far I remember I always was in the bookstore and even visited antique bookstores when young, looking for specific book of my area of interest. My father used to give me money for books every Saturday and I went to shop for anything of interest. I was able to read books already being five years old and by joining elementary school, I had my favorite book series and authors, among them Astrid Lindgren. The habit of reading remained until today, I still buy books and then I buy the same books for my iPad to read ofline. Some books never gets to iPad so I store them on the shelf waiting to read at some point in my life.

The lawyers sent the documents for proceeding her divorce. After few changes she sent them back. The only thing remaining was to transfer the funds for them to start the proceedings and clear her issues with loan and travel ban. So far the bank being quiet and the last offer from their side was good. Somehow in the heat of the days passing, the bank went to down in priority list.

With that time, we approached 15th of October – our second month since we met. We had some small dinner, nothing big, hope was there and future looked bright. Giuseppe was absent and all was calm. Really? Don’t be lured. The hell would start soon. BTW, the period came, few weeks late, but finally she got it.