The following days were dedicated to Cherie’s well being. Additionally we tried to find how to get rid of Giuseppe once for all. It wasn’t easy, as he returned with his stupid messages asking for forgiveness and promising changes and reunion. However, Cherie still had his engagement ring and we were looking in the way to return it without her meeting Giuseppe. Somehow he made it easier for us, as he was asking her to meet him for “the last time” and  that could be a good occasion to drop the ring.

That day we went with some friends for the dinner and after that Cherie made appointment with him at his favorite place nearby. The plan was to send Agatha, our common friend to give Giuseppe his ring back. Agatha is a big lady who rise respect, so she was perfect choice for this task. Just after 7:30pm he arrived in one of his sports cars and even before he even left the car, Agatha approached him and asked to wind down the side window. She confirmed that he actually was Giuseppe and gave him back the ring. He was surprised, but drove away after few moments. Few minutes later he was texting Cherie and asking why she did like that? He didn’t want that ring so badly, as to see her. Anyway, our plan was successful and Giuseppe got his ring without involving Cherie, although she has seen this action from a distance.

YOU are on top of priority now and if getting this job will put our relationship at risks since I will have lesser time for you then I rather want to be with you full time and give you the love, care and attention you need I would be happy to do that.

After few days Cherie started to be less stressed and more relaxed. I still have those moments in my memory, as I could see her breath and build her self confidence. She also went for interview for a job. She was very impressed with the future lady boss. And she had impression that she liked Cherie as well. We discussed it over two days and after evaluating all pros and cons she declined the job. First, the job as personal assistant would require her to work long hours and be on the phone all the time. Additionally with my tight traveling plans each month, we could be separated too much. And on top of this the money wasn’t the best, even after negotiation, she would earn less than with Sir Johns last job. Somehow she wanted to spend more time with me during that time, and I was thankful for that.