Today my daughter had a birthday. Cherie sent me reminder early in the morning, but I said I will call her later as she had a party long night yesterday, so she probably slept. Once again in the heat of the day I forgot to call her. I talked to her the other evening, so I felt justified and she never touched the subject, so I was happy that it went unseen, or she just been diplomatic not saying anything. Anyway, if she reads it, I will try not to miss her another birthday.

The days before that Sunday, where cold, both in terms of weather and the internal climate. She was preparing new dress every week and was talking with other attendants. It was nice to see her in the preparations, as she was really into it. One day she created a kind of military outfit, the other day a colorful dress with flowers. I was admiring it, but it ended there. I wouldn’t join the show anyhow. I expected that the pageant thing go over and we get back to our normal life. We were able to fix the big issues of her and why wouldn’t we be able to fix the future? Our sex life degraded a bit, I didn’t feel the interest and she was not pushing. I was too tired and had no mood. After all, sex, spirit and mental state is connected and when some of the items were missing, I was not able to have a good sex life. Cherie was always hot and it took just few seconds to her into sex drive, but by that time she was talking about it, but did not push it.

What I did not know by then, is Giuseppe’s support of her. As he approached her earlier, he followed that direction. I didn’t ask myself, how I she managing the pageant expenses. Obviously, Giuseppe was sponsoring her in terms of financial support for the contest and her purchase for the costumes, fabrics and gadgets needed to make up the dresses. She had skill, as her mother was a professional dressmaker, Cherie had the gift of being creative as well. Her frustration raised and she became irritated. Still it was me, who was the bad, cold guy according to her imagination of that time. Busy with daily life, I did not see all this. I did not see her being divided, nor him being around.

Still being few days from total fuck-up, the process of departure or rather demotion of the relation started and the master plan of her and Giuseppe was rolling towards destiny.