Good Afternoon, I’m really sorry for happened. I know you wont forgive me now, but I believe you have a good heart, you might not forgive me now but I hope in the future you will. I’d loved you, but things fall apart and I realized we are two different person.

I have emotional needs that somehow wasn’t met. And a secured feeling that I am the only one, and not sharing with anyone. The impact of not getting rid of her played a lot of thoughts in my head..what I see was you want me to accept the situation that she’s there, than I’m here…I started to feel unhappy about it, and I can no longer pretend.

I didn’t blame you for not having an interest with my pageant, but the shark were just around, if you somehow showed your support with me, the shark couldn’t get near. And then there I found that the shark was being supportive and showed care.

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Friday of pageant, I never failed to invite you to come with me.

I somehow need you to protect me, but you’re not interested in it. The lack of support from you, and protection is The reason the shark managed to get in into my head. And then there feelings fall apart.

I didn’t mean to hurt you, the shark is not bad as I thought, the shark that once you stabbed from death by taken me from him, was just there, waiting to heal and come back when the time is right.

Sorry for being weak, and I let the shark took me again.

He had me first, and you somehow invade his home took his queen by the thought that helping her with problems and manipulating her mind that with you is FREEDOM, and him is cage. Unfortunately, its the opposite of what the situation of today.

Again, I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.

The shark just taken what was his from the beginning. He was wounded, but come back strong and his love becomes more open, understanding and patience.

Grey, I didn’t want you to feel being used…I had loved you… we were once happy, never of those love making was fake, it was intense and with pure feelings.

I don’t want to carry any guilt inside me, with you having the thought of being used when its not.

I never used you, It was just Love was not strong enough as it was, when the support and care was no longer felt by me.

Please allow us to return your money back. So all of us can move forward and move on with new life.

God bless You