After landing in my hometown Cherie came with few messages regarding bank calling for the rest of the loan. As we paid half of it they still wanted have the rest. They even came with pretty good proposal of repaying full amount in 10 instalments or pay at once 75% of the amount to clear it once forever. I told her to ask them for a week hold until I get back and we discuss all the options. The second issue was the future gonna be lady boss who Cherie initially put on hold regarding the job. She tried to confirm her new proposal and accept the job, but she was not answering the phone. Cherie felt abandoned and felt she lost her chance for the position. Not sure if she really wanted the job, but not getting it put her down. The third issue was Sir John, wanting to have his car back, the blue car Cherie used for travel around the city. He was still pissed off for the fact Cherie left and still she was not sure if he is not gonna to cancel her visa.

The following day i had lot of issues in my main office back in hometown. So time went quick and Cherie got some flu and started to loose her voice. She sounded very bad when I talked to her over the phone. She even went to hospital get her injection. The main subject however were the preparations for pageant contest involving some dress creation and similar issues. However that evening she was going for some birthday party to her gay friend and she would be there during that evening. I didn’t know that guy, but just heard of him, being some kind of gay friend to Giuseppe.

At the day of the pageant she remained me the contest is today, but still she has issues with her voice. We briefly talked and she send me some pictures from rehearsals. The contest supposed to start in evening but since the last picture she sent me around 3.30PM she went silent. I tried to call her, text her all the evening and WhatsApp said she was last seen online at 7.28PM. I started to be worry, especially as I was to travel back to SinCity following morning. I tried to reach her until midnight than i felt asleep, just wake three hours later to text her again. Still no response. I was really worried. The old days of “you spend days with me and nights with him” started to flash up again. Did something happen or did she walk away again? No answers as the down started this morning.