When October approached it’s end Cherie was preparing for upcoming Halloween event. She did some great make-up proposals to be used following day and she was dragging me to that Halloween party. I wasn’t fully ready, last few days were heavy at my job and I needed to spend the evening in catching up some computer job. So, she went there alone with friends. Still during that evening she was asking few times if I want to join. I did not.

Few days earlier lady from the bank was on hotline with me, still being Cherie’s advisor I said that we are able to pay the agreed amount, but she said she is not able as we did not respond in time to the first call of having that big discount. So, we agreed for some 25%+ off and she accepted it. She was to prepare the paper work to finally close the deal. However a day or two later she came with an answer that her boss did not accept the deal and we have to go back to different amount. I said, “after my dead body” and talked to her boss. I told him either he comes back with original agreement which I agreed with the Indian lady or he go fish. I literally said that “Go fish, and If you don’t accept the deal we agreed to, Cherie upon my advise will not repay a penny and you can stay with that bad bank load until end of fiscal year”. He said it’s not possible, and I said “Have a nice day” – asshole. Don’t worry he will be back few days later.

As I said, I had some issues at my work and was somehow mentally absent. Simple I did not listen to her. She was inquiring me about the issues, but I was blaming all on the job. She needed some support and focus from my side, but I was pretty bad with that at that time. She said I sound cold in my messages, but maybe I just was myself, always being a bit cold and isolated. Cherie added the warm in the relation, so what’s else is needed. I’m here for her and I support her, shall be enough, no? I believed in this by that time. Obviously wrongly, but we get wise just after we made the mistakes, not before. Just a day before Halloween she went to register herself with that pageant contest, me not being there. She said that there were finally some 16 girls and maybe two or three had some chances according to her. She was content, she is able to reach the top. The contest should go next weekend and she needed to prepare some outfit and get ready for that.

From Psycho’s letters:

So, why are we far?? Because of the fucking annulment… com’on i’m able to get contracts of millions of dollars dealing directly with the government of the united states of america and you think that i’m not able to do the paperwork of a fucking annulment??

Being less supportive to Cherie this time, her communication to Giuseppe raised. They were in daily email exchange and a plan started to grow in her sick mind. She was planting an idea of build family with Giuseppe and she was pushing him towards acceptance. It took me few more weeks to get the knowledge about all this, but the story would not be consistent without knowing the state of mind of Cherie at that time. She took up all the subjects with him, including our dealings with lawyer and many other private issues. Like with the ghosts and evils coming from the mist during the Halloween day, she started to show her second face, conspiring behind my back. She became a small devil herself. A devil to last there for a good time forward.