“You spend days with me and nights with him”

Already at 7am, she texted “Good morning” and said that she passed out after returning home last night. She didn’t tell though that she went back to him. She tried to explain her feelings and emotions with Giuseppe and me on the other side. Obviously at this point she had a clear picture of us both and was divided or even torn apart. On one hand a nice older good guy with lot of patience and on the other side more impulsive young stallion surrounded by lot of friends and shining around. Pretty difficult choice, even after months, differences between two of us are clear and distracted her for next few weeks. At few occasions she used to say that she is chocking with relation with him and she feels light with me. Additionally, the ring she got from Giuseppe weights heavy now and builds another guilt within her despite the guilt of having the need to support his healing.

Shortly before noon we met in my hotel, for a second time. We had good time in bed and she was very open-minded, urging to try new kinky things. Few months later I got to know that she faked her orgasm that night, however I didn’t feel like that at this that moment. Afterwards we went for a lunch and then I briefly introduced her to my daughter, who was visiting me for the weekend. We agreed that we run our own errands during the afternoon and we meet again in the evening for dinner and some clubbing.

At early evening the communication with her started to fade again. I knew that things are wrong. During the days, weeks and months of this rock and roll voyage I learned quickly to smell things being wrong just by sensing the change of her behavior. You know, the small things. She didn’t make it for dinner nor she made for the club later that night. Just past 8.30pm she dropped me few messages.

Hi … Sorry… Im in bad timing at the moment
Trying to get rid of him… im returning his ring
Bare with me…
? his possesive attitude … he dont want to accept it… he said he cant get rid of me that easy
Cant talk now. Bare with me…
Im stress and bit worried
? this is harder than I thought

Indeed, in an act of bravery and trying to free herself from Giuseppe, she made decision to return the ring and walk away. I told her that it was the wrong way of doing this and that she needs my support with this. However, she wanted to do that on her own, which I was afraid will not work as she was way to soft. We exchanged few more messages, but at that point she got convinced to stay there with Giuseppe, instead of joining me for the evening. I felt exactly the same like last weekend, dumped and left alone, despite a hope for rebuilding the relation. The fact we went to bed together just few hours earlier did not matter, or maybe it mattered in the way that gave her kick to try free herself and to return the ring. I’m not sure. As to conclusion for that night, she once again spent the day with me and night with him. So sad.