Me (Grey Guy)

I’m a middle age guy, who came to the city for short visit, but stayed for longer. I’m a contractor to an international company, having it’s offices here. I travel a lot, so not every night I spend here, but gladly i so return. Being with few longer relations in my life, I came here with a fading relation back home. Not really hustling for new relationship, but rather having my eyes and ears open. 


A beautiful woman of an Asian descent, in her mid thirties, being here for few months as well, arriving from another country after spending there few years. Mother of a beautiful daughter and luggage of failed relations behind.


An Italian guy, a key player in our relation, bad ass. Been here for few years as well, working as civil engineer, sort of “Man of Culture”, as he characterizes himself. A guy having 6 of 9 attributes characterizing a psychopath. 

Oak Men

The guy, Cherie met when she was living in another country. A guy who was commuting cross border to visit her almost every week. A guy she really felt in love for. A guy who made her life miserable and the guy who ruined her self confidence and to whom we can thank for the rock and roll start in our relation.

Sir John

Cherie met him online, just after being dumped by Oak Men. Somehow a positive figure, but has his dark sides. He gave her a job and help her to establish herself here in the city, but as in life – nothing comes for free.


Cherie’s ex-not-so-ex husband. Another foreigner in her life, father of her daughter. Still living in her former country, struggling with daily life.


My African girlfriend, nowadays ex-girlfriend, who I known for 3 years. At some point I had to cut this relation. It was a hard decision as she was very much dependent of me back home.


Cherie’s 8 years old daughter.


In my early notes taken from the days of roller coaster story, I did make personal reminiscences of the feelings I have at that time. All the bad people surrounding her were called Sharks.