The 4th of September was a hell of a day with lot of events. Around 5pm Cherie texted me again saying she wanted to meet. Well, somehow I expected it, but I was not sure about the agenda. I said “fine, let’s meet”, but I suggested for an early meeting, as I have scheduled an introductory date with another Asian friend. I met here briefly at the entrance to the club another day, and as Cherie but that time went to history, I was officially free to date anybody. Anyway, I suggested an early meeting as the date was scheduled for 10pm. We setup the meeting in a coffee shop, we knew was not a common place there she could be found by Giuseppe.

Shortly after 8pm I arrived to the place and found her at the upper floor of the coffee shop. She was in really bad shape, dressed in a dress, but somehow tired and scarred. Really scarred. Definitely it wasn’t same Cherie I seen last time on 28th of August in the shopping mall. We ordered some green tea and she started to tell me the story of the last few days. In addition to information I got over the phone two days ago she told me details about the rock and roll Giuseppe created for her. She told me that Giuseppe had feeling that Cherie is dating somebody beside him. She became emotionally disconnected with him, but still did not break up. She told him little bit about our relation during the time he was in Italy. He even insisted to visit a club where I took her the other day to listen for live music. He wanted to meet me there, but we just visited that place once or twice. I asked what is she going to do now? She said she need some time to think things over, maybe a week or more until he gets on his feet after heeling the broken leg.

As time was clicking and my date time was approaching, I started to rush and said I have to run. Unexpectedly she offered me a drive to meeting place. She was not aware about me going for a date, but as we approached her car I told her, that I actually going to a date with another girl. I said that she must be aware of it as it’s very inconvenient situation for me being dropped to a date by another ex-girlfriend. I didn’t feel comfortable with it. We had some further chat during the drive and we agreed that I’m going just go for the date briefly and return ASAP in order to meet her again later that night. When we arrived to the place I went of the car waving to her for goodbye. I still have the picture in my head. A blue car standing at the curb at small street and not moving away for some time. 30 seconds maybe one minute she was still there looking after me with sad face. I looked back and by that time I didn’t realize it. I was focused on the date, but she was there waiting for me to get back to the car. This was my FIRST mistake I made from day we met back in August. Sadly I realized it just a half an hour later when she text me a selfie with her crying face. I realized that I was pretty stupid to put her in the situation of dropping a guy for a date, the same guy she went to meet just few hours earlier. I realized that that day she actually opened a gate for reuniting us. A huge mistake I made.

After the date, which I rushed as fast I could I tried to call her several times. She was silent. As she said later, she went back to Giuseppe, despite a plan to meet with me for another wonderful night. I still feel bad about that day and I still see the blue car at the curb etched in my brain with her sad, crying eyes…