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This morning she surprised me with a message “It’s over. I need this week to be just alone” I understood, she finally dropped him. She said that actually he dumped her again. Again means for 3rd, 4th or 5th time, not sure anymore. As I was out of city, we couldn’t meet that day to discuss things face to face. Obviously she needed it, but we could just talk over the phone. In her voice she was very happy, relieved, waiting to hug me same time I would arrive later that evening. She wanted to start it over, reset it and I felt she was serious this time, lighten and ready. Rest of the afternoon we were in good mood, exchanging positive messages in hope for better time.

As closing to the evening, she indicated headache, still far from my arrival planned for around 11pm. Rest of the evening was related to that headache, text messages became sparse. When I landed she wasn’t there. I trusted that the headache kicked her off and she went to bed early. Unfortunately by that time I didn’t know anything about new actor called Sir John.