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We met for dinner, went to our favorite oriental restaurant, and had some good talk. I asked if she want’s to visit my place. By that time i still was living in a hotel, planning to move to an apartment at some later point. She was little embarrassed about the idea to visit a hotel room, but somehow we passed by the reception desk unattended. Anyway it was a step towards more intimate and private way of conversation in a quiet place with no people around. We talked for few hours, having drink or two and we started to get closer, a mean closer to each other. From couch we moved to bed and the rest you can imagine. After our love making adventure she felt in sleep, waking few hours later. We did it again. She insisted to sleep home, so we walked to her place. She was kind of confused. I heard few times “We shouldn’t do it”, “I wasn’t ready” and “Why did you rush things?” That night, a beautiful hot night it did not rang the bell.