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Me and my friend Mike, were just returning from a restaurant, walking on the street towards our hotel. I spotted a girl coming out from a side street, or actually a backyard, in a beautiful way of stepping with high heels on. With one blink of the eye I saw her on the left side. She merged the same street behind me and Mike, walking just behind. I started to slow down and finally stopped at restaurant to pretend to read the menu. Still remember it, with 2 lbs porter steak on the top of the list. By this maneuver i was able to,shorten the distance to her in order to bypass us. Suddenly she stopped, and at the same spot went towards her small blue car. Just when she opened the door, I could see her in a full pose wit a trench on and long.dark hair. Even Mike, who is pretty immune to anybody else than hot tall blonds, was admiring her.
In my own way, braking the shyness of myself I approached her and asked few questions. The most important was “Are you single?”. I had bad experience getting into relations with taken women and their issues, so this question was pretty crucial. With hesitation and a smile she replied “No, I’m free”. We exchanged the phone numbers and went our own way, me and Mike walking towards the hotel, she in her blue car, the other way.
Just when i arrived to my hotel I already seen few messages arriving. I took a glass of scotch and started flirting with her. I had an impression that we got connected very quick, changing the subject from general talk to more subtle area. After a while she wanted to connect on the video call? So we did. She was there standing in her rooms cleaning make up brushes. In the light, I could see her beautiful face which I just got a glimpse of at the street we met. She really looked good. After an hour or so we said goodbye, but made a plan for a date at sushi place we both knew on Saturday. By the end of the day, a new perspective has risen. A chance for new relation?