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The period was still not here. She took another test with more expensive off the shelf “instrument” and once again it proved negative. She did it exactly, as per the attached leaflet and according to the test she was not pregnant. Still relief, but still some conditions prevented her to have the period. Maybe the stress, maybe the accident, not sure. We agreed if the period will not arrive before weekend she shall visit gynecologist.

As I started to prepare and collect the documents for the lawyers, i was on the phone with Cherie while she mailed me some last missing papers, among them the legal marriage certificate. She said “there is something I have to tell you”. Oh, no, not again. When you hear such words from a woman with that rich past and recent events in memory, all possible scenarios crossed my mind, from eventually being pregnant to Giuseppe’s return. Still reading the marriage certificate I glanced through the names and legal status of the broom and bride. At Andriej’s name it stated “Single”, while at hers “Divorced”! DIVORCED. How in earth she got remarried with Andriej while she was married before? How in earth did she get the divorce when her country did not allow for divorce? Before she even opened her mouth, I just said in the phone “whoops, interesting, interesting, seems you were married before, but not only once”. She said “yes, it’s true”. This was something new. Not that it made a difference, but obviously Cherie is a woman of secrets and the question is how many more of them to came?

We met home later that afternoon and she grabbed a cup of coffee and started to tell me the story of Jesus.